Monday, January 16, 2017

American Honey

Oh sweet cheesus.  "Star" (an unknown chosen off the street or pier for this role) is a young woman who believes herself to be streetwise all the while looking after her abusive boyfriend's kids while he sort of does what he wants. She meets up with a dapper magazine saleman, played by Shia LaBoeuf (is that really his name???) who brings her into the world of traveling teens who drink, do drugs, vandalize, trespass and physically harm the occasional human being who is in their path while they tour around to sell magazines. Did I mention the sex and nudity and other things? But the worst crime of this is that it is BORING. Not a moment of cleverness, not even a moment of empathy for them. These are really boring people. And the second crime is that it is 162 minutes long.  Here is how good it is- it only made $663,000 nationwide so far.  Just don't.