Saturday, December 10, 2011


When Martin Scorsese does a film, critics tremble in their boots. Therefore, many critics, especially those of note, will give him wide berth and be very kind, if not obsequious. I'm not one of those people. What a damn tedious film this is. For the first half, any one who hasn't read the published synposis is going to be LOST as to where this film is going. Is it about an orphan? Is it about an automaton? Is it about street vignettes? Is it about a mean old man? Is it about young love? Guess what- it's not about ANY of that ( or maybe it is boringly about ALL of that).  I have no idea why the good reviews. This could have been a very good movie if it had been about the character played by Ben Kingsley. But it isn't about him until the last 20 minutes when we are all supposed to stand up and cheer the sheer brilliance of Scorsese. Forget it. It felt like the longest 3 hours of my life and the movie was only 2 hours long. Jeez louise- it is a mess and you are expected to eat it. Don't go. It gets 2 stars for the sheer beauty of the photography, 3D and the sets. That's it.