Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol

Here we go again- the MI franchise continues to roll along with plenty of action, plenty of simple plot lines and a little twist at the end. It is as predictable as Pelosi's politics and has the usual thrills. Of course, most of the stuff in it is impossible. But if you are in the theater to watch this, then you KNOW what to expect.  Tom Cruise looks old and tired. I promise you that I love Cruise as much as the next person (and I'm not saying "as much as the next guy" because that has implications).  At any moment I expected Cruise to step out of character, look at the audience, and say "You know I have to do this stuff because Scientology and Suri's shoes ain't cheap". If you want more sophistication with your imaginary science, then you should just stick to Bond films. But this movie was sort of fun though the genre felt sort of tired. As the flickerchick says, it is what it is. If you like preposterous movies with lots of action, this one was made just for you. If you feel that Tom Cruise is past his adventuresome prime and should limit himself to more romantic or realistic films, then it isn't for you. Take your pick.