Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Muppets

Who better than Jason Segel and Amy Adams to be the humans in the wealth of nostalgia that is The Muppets? From the first moment to the credits, anyone over 30 will have very specific and lovely memories of The Muppets themselves. Alex and I agree that the only muppet we don't care for is Miss Piggy- but even  she has some nice moments here in her Anna Wintour silver wig. Kermit is his adorable and yet still insecure self. And the new star is Walter- the muppet who finds his niche in the world when he joins the group.  It has the typical Muppets save the day theme, with short and clever songs that are well sung. Everyone in the audience smiled the whole time. I can't think of a movie where the characters are more familiar and more beloved than the muppets are. The movie is great. The adults get the jokes and, as usual, there are double entendres that kids won't get. One of the best moments is the chickens clucking to CeeLo Green's F-you song. The audience members who know the real, original words were laughing out loud. I can't imagine missing this cute, warm hearted, familiar and well done movie. It is the best way to spend your entertainment money right now.