Saturday, December 8, 2012

Killing Them Softly

Well, let's just say that Brad Pitt owes me money. This movie is no fun at all. The stylized, graphic to the point of disgusting, plot eating gun violence and beatings are so overwhelming that you expect Quentin Tarantino to show up with a $5 milkshake in his hands.  There is plenty of talking between the scenes of raw violence- PLENTY.  yak yak yak. The first 20 minutes you think, well, this must be an art film because everybody is TALKING my ear off.  Then when the body count brutally adds up, well, you think this must be a sort of twisted art film. Obviously, "art film" means a bunch of pretentious reviewers are going to tell you to go see it. I say punish them all for making this crap. Last time I was roped in by star power, it was Clooney in "the American"- one of the worst movies ever made. Yet the reviews were fawning. Aside from Pitt looking like he is trying too hard to be a real character, there is also the city of New Orleans (post katrina) as a backdrop. He does the city no favors with constant police sirens and casual crime that no one cares about- including a random shooting that isn't part of the plot. It is actually shameful how he depicts his adopted city. This genre is dead and no one told the producers and directors- and I will never go to another one like it. Don't go see it. It is a rip off of your time and money. Hey Pitt- gimme back my money.