Tuesday, December 4, 2012


You  know how there is always a Bond girl? I say that the Bond girl of this film is M. She has a special relationship with Bond. And as an homage to her, this film brings back nostalgic pieces of Bond-ism. This intricate dance of emotional time is acted by the combo Daniel Craig/Judi Dench. There is the usual chase at the beginning of the film, then the usual mission impossible scenario or two- but the story is Bond/M.  M proves that she, too, can fight even in her dotage.  There are complaints that this one is too easy and too without gadgets and special spy doodads- I would say that is the charm of this one.  Finally, Bond is not just playing poker in Monte Carlo and sleeping with anatomically named women.  Here we meet James Bond, and we also meet M- the people inhabiting the bodies. I really liked it.