Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Hobbit (3D 48 fps)

Well, I can't much criticize the storyline, though some things have been added that were not in the book but rather in Tolkein's notes after the book was written. If you haven't read it, now would be a good time so you know who everyone is. I will caution parents that it is certainly scary and gory with very graphic beheadings and mutilations and, of course, Golum. Even Gandalf has some scary moments. So I'd say, a savvy 8 year old might make it through without nightmares. Now on to the rest- IF you see this in 3D, it will damn near do you in. First of all, the depth of field of the film feels BEHIND the actors. There is a hyperrealism to the faces that is strange and feels too close for comfort. There is a blurriness to the action and sometimes the action outruns the 3D effect- thus producing momentary fuzz around a face or character- stuff you just don't see in most 3D movies. I was driven to the optical brink and actually had an eye strain headache the next day. That said, I'd say try it yourself and see. Maybe we all need to get custom made 3D glasses rather than those glossy, glarey 3D movie pass outs.  The movie is also stunningly long- with battle scene after battle scene against goblins and dwarves, etc.  The hyperrealism didn't make it seem scarier - just weirder. Almost video game cartoonish.  If it weren't so long, I'd sit through it again without the 3D and see if it was better. I know, a lot of criticism of the technology doesn't tell you much about the book. This is NOT Lord of the Rings- which was a beautiful epic. I have no idea why Hollyweird goes and spits on their own cake like this- audiences proved that the original technique was well liked. It will be interesting to see how others feel about this. Most of the time, the film editor is the director's best friend. Should you see it? Well, two more are coming out and maybe they'll do a better job, so yeah, I guess so. But people want the illusion and they don't want a visual distraction to keep interupting it. Sigh.