Friday, October 12, 2012


Argo does something that is almost impossible- it makes a nail biter out of an incident where the viewer knows the outcome. The setting is the Iran hostage crisis of 1979, when Carter was slogging through a relatively miserable presidency. Iranian militants stormed the US Embassy in Tehran and (unlike the muderous folk today) took every one in it hostage. Initially top secret, 6 people escaped to the Canadian embassy.  That led to the messy problem of how to get them out of Iran and back home-from a country where Americans are reviled and easily lynched by the populace at large. Of course, since they GET home, we know it is all going to be okay before we even sit down. That alone makes it worth seeing.  The CIA helps the Canadian government. I'd tell you more, but that would be everything and you wouldn't need to see it! Point to be taken- this is BASED on a true story. As usual in Hollywood, it isn't what exactly happened. You'll have to do your own research for that!