Friday, October 5, 2012


I'm not sure WHO thinks this is a family film, but I heartily disagree and I'll let the dog out of the bag and tell you right now that I cried (genuine tears) twice in this stop-motion animated movie. Why? Shhh- because the kid's dog get killed by a car. Of course, using Frankensteinian science (lightning bolts just like the original movie), he resurrects his beloved dog. And in the end, you'll cry again. If you have ever loved a pet, well, even in stop-animation it is tough to watch a beloved pet die. Then there are tons of scary images in 3D- rats, dinosaurs, creepy kids. So, think twice before bringing the tiny set. They can go see Nemo. That said, Danny Elfman did the music, Tim Burton did the story, and that ought to tell you what to expect. If you have seen the classics horror films, you will recognize the lisp of Boris Karloff, the smirk of Peter Lorre, and the monsters from such wonders as Godzilla and Gremlins.  Even the poodle gets in a little Elsa Lanchester. It was fun to see the homage to the original Frankenstein with Karloff.  It was a very touching film, very sweet, with adorably clueless parents and a kind and loving child. As an adult, it is certainly worth seeing. For kids- well, it depends on how sensitive your child is.  The stop animation is great- and the 3D is almost seamless.