Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It is 2044, the world looks like crap because it ALWAYS does in futuristic films. The premise is that time travel has finally arrived- criminals from the future are rounded up, sent back in time travel to 2044 to a specific location where a looper await. The Looper blasts them immediately, hauls them off to a firepit somewhere and then gets paid. The criminal comes complete with silver ingots taped to their body and that is the payment for the Looper. Trouble is, at some point, the final victim arrives and has gold ingots taped to their back. This means the Looper is done, and retires for 30 years on his bounty, and then one day, he is sent back to  the past to be murdered himself. Why? Well, who knows. Some evil guy is in the future and he is ending the loopers loops early. And the word gets out. Oh, I'll quit now. But it was AWESOME. I've seen Die Hard more than I've seen any other movie. BRUUUUUCE! It's all sort of mundane until BRUUUUCE arrives and starts shooting. Like most science fiction movies, there must be a suspension of truth in your mind. Forget what you know about what can and cannot be done. Just sit back and watch BRUUUCE! Endings almost NEVER surprise me, but you know what?- this one really ended the way most movies should- with a surprise and a bang. I have got to say the ending alone added another star.  I'd highly suggest you read a summary somewhere that does not include the ending, mostly so you understand the premise. Maybe this was enough. Don't spoil the ending for yourself!