Monday, May 27, 2013

Frances Ha

Don't read the good reviews of this film- read the BAD reviews. Because there are a certain amount of hipster doofus reviewers that love pretentious film making in black and white (for no reason other than hipster doofusness) and love bad dialogue about 27 year olds who still have no idea how to make a real living. Maybe, if you like the whining losers on "Girls", you will like the happy losers in Frances Ha. I don't know when 27 got to be called "young adult". It's really close to 30, and a great many people understand the meaning of adulthood around 19 or so. There was nothing cool or avant garde about this movie. Stunningly- there was not ONE funny thing in it- not a clever line or even a likeable romance. It is virtually a stream of self-consciousness from a lead character who performs like an idiot- devoid of common sense, self-awareness,  or any real charm- just a stupid smile. And we are supposed to root for her. It has been compared to Annie Hall- close but no cigar.  I really don't care which critics like this (maybe because it has almost everyone in it that Baumbach and his lead actress girlfriend might know?). It was not a good movie. In fact, if this is what living in New York does to an educated woman's brain (as seen in both the character and the actress/scriptwriter who plays her), well, you might want to encourage your daughters to stay in their hometowns.