Sunday, May 5, 2013


The screenwriters sat down and said: "Let's steal stuff from Star Wars and  The Matrix, let's put in some scenes they've seen before a million times, let's get a nice set and borrow the backdrops from Mad Max and then STICK TOM CRUISE in it! They won't even notice the hokey story!" And there you have it. Of course, you are always pretty sure Tom isn't going to die, he usually doesn't,  so there goes the suspense. The set is nice though- and Tom does his usual run run run hide hide hide shoot shoot get caught wiggle away acting job. Sometimes I wonder how he gets the energy to give a damn anymore. Maybe that explains why he took the role of Stacie Jaxx. SO now you know everything you need to know. But I was disappointed. I'll go watch a rerun of Collateral- the best Tom Cruise movie. It'll help.