Sunday, May 5, 2013


Before I get to the movie part, I have to mention that I find NO American actor more confusing than Matthew McConaughey. He brushes his teeth with comet, doesn't use deodorant and looks like he has never, ever washed his hair. Yet, he stuffs all that weirdness into Armani suits. He's been in some horrible movies, and yet, he has done some wonderful stuff. Back to the movie now- this is one of his wonderful things. MUD is the name of the title character played by MM. What is this about? Well, two fantastic tween boy actors (called Ellis and NeckBone in the script)  skitter off on a small skiff to an island in the river where a deserted boat, put there by a storm, is up in a tree. They've claimed it but lo and behold, Mud is living in it. At this point, you might be thinking "hey look- they have done a modern day Huck Finn!" Yeah, well, kind of- it has the Mississippi and boys. But not really.  It is about love and learning rejection and regret and how we all learn to start over no matter what our age. The ending is particularly sweet when it is made clear, by a simple smile, that we all put our broken hearts back together with amazing rapidity when we are 14. This isn't for kids- it is too mature a subject and there is some scary shooting at people going on. Plus Reese ("DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??") Witherspoon plays a kind of slutty girlfriend of Mud's. This movie is really kind of enchanting. The boys were cast because they could handle a boat and ride a dirt bike with ease. The director was on a tight schedule and couldn't take the time to teach a kid that. Wise choice. I loved the acting in this. There is a reason why everyone who has reviewed it has loved it. Go see it if you get a chance. It is limited release. I have no idea why.