Friday, May 31, 2013

Now You See Me

OH, so what if it is illogical? So what if it is plodding in spots? So what? I liked it. I wouldn't go see it twice- or even sit through half of it- but while in the actual theater eating overly salted popcorn (thanks IPic), it wasn't half bad. I liked the premise. Just when I thought I knew who dunnit, well, they didn't dunnit. The cast is PACKED, I tell ya. Now, the mere fact that no one really reviewed this movie until yesterday ought to tip you off that it might be a stinker. But I'd all ready bought tickets ahead of time and well, I made up my mind not to read any more bad reviews but to be honest and objective. And I liked it.  Just pretend it is REAL, and just pretend you are one of a band of people who really DO see the magic show in person and you will like it. There are two scenes you won't like- first is the obligatory car chase- (yawn)- and next is any scene with Mark Ruffalo and some French chick you've never seen before (Melanie Laurent). Their chemistry is about as good as my chemistry grades were. When he kisses her will be the ONE time you will really have to say "I don't believe any of this". In the meantime, I don't think it was all that bad and you should go see it. Get up during the chase scene and go get some popcorn with less salt.