Friday, May 3, 2013

Pain & Gain

You'll be reminded several times in this movie that it is a true story. Except the actors are much better looking than the real people. Basically it is about a group of really stupid body builders who decide to kidnap a few rich people then steal all of their assets. And it works for them until it doesn't. They are cruel and do some ridiculous things- all true. I liked the movie but I enjoy watching Marky Mark and The Rock anytime they make a movie. I found it hard to believe that this all actually happened- but then, just for me I guess, there was a television show about this bunch of idiots. It is sad in parts because you know it is true, and the victims here do not fare well. It is scary in parts because it is true- there are actually murderous idiots who think they will not get caught by stealing all your assets then killing you. If the idea of that upsets you, don't go see it. But if you are good at pretending this could never happen in real life, then go see it. The real problem with the story is that there is so little humor in it- and really little tension or drama. I think that would make most people walk away with a "meh".  I don't think it is that bad.  Maybe wait until it is on cable?