Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Iceman

Did you like The Sopranos? Do you like movies with lots of murders of bad people BY a bad person? Then you'll like this. Because murder is murder is murder in these sorts of "hit man" films, you have definitely seen all this before. It's based on a "true story" of a hit man named Kuklinski- he worked for a mobster and rubbed out the people who pissed them off. Never saw that before. Anyhoo, it is played by the really evil looking Michael Shannon (who scares ME). Various people waltz in and out of scenes. Kuklinski is worth reading about on Wikipedia- then you can see if this would be your cup of cyanide, so to speak. If you watch Dexter, Kuklinski was the original Iceman killer.  Lots of blood and gore, lots of psychopathic behavior and not much redeeming value.  As these types of movies go, this one is just mediocre.