Saturday, November 23, 2002

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

has it really been a year since we left Ron, Hermione and Harry to fend for themselves? The kids are a year older in this- a pivotal year as all of them are maturing nicely. The kid who plays Potter is a slightly better actor this time. Though still directed by Christopher Columbus, this film definitely is darker, the kids more savvy, and the special effects are smoother. It is a superior effort to the first film. It follows the book rather rigidly, so if you are an avid reader of Potter books, the plot will be known to you. But it is a lovely film. Certainly not for small children (under 8 minimum). There is gore, violence, a frightening snake the size of Godzilla, and some wounding and paralyzing that would make little kids scared for years. But anyone over 8 or 9 would certainly be riveted by the special effects and story. J K Rowling is so gifted to have dreamed all of this up. Go see it and enjoy it- though it is a bit long, you won't notice.