Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Avengers

I'm a nice person, really I am. Or I try. But I have to say RIGHT AWAY that  the director uses the two most boring actresses alive - Paltrow and Johansson- and then he runs out and grabs the third one- Cobie Smulders (the Canadian from How I Met Your Mother) and throws HER in the cast.  Are there really no other actresses to use in a movie this much fun?  Fortunately, Paltrow isn't on for long. Sigh of relief.
The actual film is really good- it is a lot of action and the action is flawless. I saw it in 3-D but I am not sure that makes a whole lot of difference. Maybe it was the smaller screen I saw it on- but I never felt like something flew over my head. And I'm pretty sure it was supposed to. The movie really is one big special effect. I doubt something will be better this year so it'll probably get an Oscar for that. It sort of feels like most of the lines are a set up rather than dialogue- but you didn't come for Shakespeare, did you? The set design, CGI, costuming, etc was all remarkable. The final action sequence is fantastic.
I give it 3 stars because I really enjoyed the guys and the action. Take it from there....