Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Knocked Up

Well, Alex thought this was funny. But then he has never been knocked up. I liked the plastic vulva at the end of the movie- and the fake baby - couldn't they find someone like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears to be the body double for that? I mean, come on. It was faker than the one in Dr T and the Women. Some people have praised this film because the couple actually keeps the baby and tries to learn to like one another so the child can be brought up knowing its parents. The problem here is not that, but that Katherine Heigel, a very pretty woman, has a one nighter with the nastiest looking dude in non-rural America. This guy is so gross that not even a drunk skank would go home with him. The premise is so dumb. If Heigel was going to have a one night stand, there is NO WAY someone of her character's education and looks would have to settle for a big, fat, unkempt, boring and childish idiot like the character she beds. I don't know Seth Rogan, but I hope in real life he is not as gross. He was like a human Shrek, underbite and all. Alex laughed out loud most of the movie as did most of the other guys. I just sat there kind of puzzled, feeling sorry for Heigel, and wondering how human nature could have made this big mess for her character. I feel like Scrooge. I KNOW everyone else in America likes it and takes it at face value. But how could a grown woman not be on the pill? Or sleep with someone so yucky? Or even tell the guy if she wanted to keep the baby? It was just more like a mystery movie to me than a comedy. Sorry.

You Kill Me

We heard a lot about this movie-so we went to see it. It stars Ben Kingsley and Tea Leoni. It is supposed to be a comedy. I didn't think it was funny. I thought it was rather boring, in fact. I was so disappointed. Good thing we went to dinner at Morton's after. I find Tea Leoni a very boring actress- her voice is flat and her face is flatter. I never feel anything she is supposed to project. It is implausible that she would befriend a hit man. Kingsley does a fantastic job in this role, but the role is hackneyed. Who goes to an AA meeting and says they are a killer and NO ONE reports it. It is supposed to be funny but it comes across as contrived and manipulative. It was a waste of our money. I think it got all those stars because Kingsley is in it.

Live Free or Die Hard

YEAY! Bruce is back as Bruce the bad boy working for the good of mankind. A doomsday (ludicrous but who cares) scenario involving computer hacking occurs. Bruce saves the day. What more is there to know? Die Hard is one of my most favorite movies of all time. And this one is better. The explosions and car chases and helicopters and guns- what more could a girl ask for? Bruce looks great- maybe a little botox around the cheeks (face)- and he is in great form. It is as if Die Hard was yesterday. I can't recommend this movie enough. If you like action films, then this is a must see for 2007. KABOOM!


Oh my, finally a very charming animated film about rats. I loved it. I do NOT love rats, due to an unfortunate infestation of norwegian river rats at my very first home in New Orleans. They are filthy. And disgusting. So I could not have watched this if there were animatronic rats- but these are cute little cartoon rats. The dialogue is good and the plot moves right along. The French are very French and so some of the lines are a little, well just a little, mean spirited toward them. But it is all in good fun. I'd love to see an audience of French viewers see this one. I wonder how the translation will go? But it is a fun 2 hours. I think the kids in the audience liked it a lot.