Monday, June 13, 2011

Super 8

Here is a little sci-fi movie with an actual heart. I know, that sounds ridiculous since we have all gotten used to sci-fi movies that are contrived and overloaded with effects that destroy any possible story line. It is hard to summarize the film without giving it ALL away in one line, so I won't. But I'll tell you why it is so good- the kids. The kids in this movie are given funny, poignant, silly and realistic dialogue. And each and every one of them does a really good job of it. They interact like kids might have interacted prior to video games- when they had to look one another in the eye and actually have conversations where they entertain one another. And then there's Kyle Chandler- every female's favorite actor. Since it is a science fiction action thriller film, there is plenty of boogah boogah to scare you a teeny bit. But it is the movie these kids can claim as theirs. There is enough humor to make it almost a comedy in spots. It's unfortunate that the military is the bad guy- Hollywood loves to do that. But I'd say it is the best movie so far this year.