Sunday, November 14, 2010


This is the same old same old "Bad Guy is really a good guy", etc, and he falls for the cute woman who rejects him until he turns good. Oh yeah, you've heard it all before. But it is funny and so well done that you don't care about the stale plot.  Voice work is done by Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey. Ferrell and Pitt don't sound exactly like themselves, so the audience is allowed to believe the characters. Tina Fey, on the other hand, makes no effort to not sound exacty like Tina Fey. It really stops the suspension of belief and makes you think "hey, that's Tina Fey". It's a peeve of mine- voice talent should not be readily recognizable. But little kids won't notice it is Tina Fey. And the other things about this film are so entertaining and fun that there is no reason not to see it. A word of caution- 3D is far more expensive- even at the matinee. So check out the price before you bring the neighborhood kids with you!

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

The usual cast of suspects returns for the third and final installment of the Stieg Larsson series. And it is going to get the same review as the others but perhaps harsher. First of all, despite the hoopla, the books are intricate, involved and have often unnecessary plot diversions- they are, in a word, busy. This movie also in the same frantic mode goes chopping from scene to scene with little explanation as to whom the people are or what their relevance is. The movie is like the Cliff's notes for the book. If you haven't read the book, you  may as well take a nap. And when that is the case, the movie is a failure. Since I read the book, I'll give it 2 stars. But truly, no movie should need an interpreter. And if it is going to acts as a summary then it should at least stick to the plot. Some major elements are left out- and they aren't small. Oh well. Maybe the American remake will do a better job.