Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Heat

Hahahahaha. Just writing the title of this movie made me laugh. OF COURSE it is funny. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock could make a movie with the two of them just standing there making faces and I'd be entertained. But put them together as cop/FBI crime solvers, and that is a combination that just screams fun.  Were there a few over the top, not too funny moments? Well, yeah. But sometimes you have to have those because otherwise the movie becomes a sort of torture of too much laughing. McCarthy's character is almost (key word here is ALMOST)  too much, but the fact that she can play it with a wink gets the viewer past the silliness. Bullock is, as usual, the restrained woman who loosens up. A lot. I highly recommend this IF you like movies like this. Most buddy movies have male leads- and this is a refreshing change. Just don't expect a cerebral experience of any kind and you'll do great.

Monsters University

There is everything to like about this prequel to Monsters, Inc.  If you loved Monsters, Inc you will love Monsters University. If you went to college, you'll recognize some of these monsters (as people).  The animation is great, the story is cute and it is a great prequel because it answers any questions you might have about Sully and the gang. I am probably going to watch this a few more times when it comes out on cable. Yep- I'm a sucker for it.