Sunday, August 30, 2009

Julie and Julia

This is a movie about people- the fact that they love to cook and eat is really secondary. The women are the leads and the men are the supporters in this film. Unless you live on another planet, you probably all ready know it is about Julie, who starts a blog to follow her goal of cooking all of the recipes in Julia Child's cookbook in one year's time. Amy Adams plays Julie with her usual wide eyed sincerity. Streep takes the cake with her portrayal of the very tall, very driven, and optimistic Julia Child. One can only hope Julia Child was a woman of such enthusiasm and heart. This movie (though 15 minutes too long for the matter at hand) is charming. It is a tribute to the men who love to watch their determined wives complete a goal, even if that goal is, on the one hand lofty (Child's book) and the other, not so much (Adams determination to cook). The food is not the star just because it looks great on the table. It is the heart and hand of the cook that makes it so. I did love this movie. Alex loved it also- because it does show another couple in this world that loves to cook and eat like we do. Of course we made the bouef bourgignon when we got home!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

District 9

This is a thoroughly enjoyable R rated (for violence and sexual references) scifi/action movie- if you like to see exploding humans, a little torture, a lot of gore, and creepy aliens. Unlike most "alien arrival" films, this one is presented as a documentary- and the aliens are not necessarily armed and dangerous, or brilliant or conniving. They seem more like a slave life form for some higher intelligence. There is pathos, humor, irony and more than a little confusion as to whose side you'd be on. Of course, some reviewers will try to make this into a socially conscious film about racism- I personally think that's a load of bull. I liked watching it for my "it is what it is" philosophy of movie going. The aliens were not especially likeable, but the humans are made out to be worse. I think the aliens were not that great and the humans were being human. You can make of that what you will. Or you can just enjoy it for the inventive premise and well written script. It's up to you.