Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3

Back to the world of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. And what a wonderfully sweet world it is. When Toy Story 1 came out, I gave it the best review I'd ever given a film- with good cause. The Toy Story franchise is so perfect for kids and adults. I cannot imagine not liking this film. It is funny and probably very exciting for little kids. Of course it has a good ending, but it has a great beginning and middle, too. The animation is clean and colorful and the story line is energetic. After such pap as "UP", it's nice to have a story that sticks to the premise and doesn't take you on a preachy and disjointed plot addition. It is seamless. Don't miss it.

Get Him to the Greek

I thought this movie was very, very funny. I'd like to say it was the magnificent acting, but really, I think only Russell Brand was great. It was,however, the group of actors assembled- particularly using P Diddy as a rock promoter. It was gross and silly and rude and hilarious all at once. I can see how some people wouldn't like it at all. But I laughed out loud about every 5 minutes. It's Jonah Hill's (the nebbish underling) job to get Russell Brand (the rock star) to the Greek theater in LA for a revival of Brand's rock career. The movie is a recounting of how that happens. I would say that if you liked movies like Superbad, well, this is better. So, on a rainy day, if it is still playing, go see it.

Solitary Man

Michael Douglas plays a 60 something year old car dealership(s) owner who is a liar, a womanizer, and basically a man of little character who is divorced and trying to start over after a stint in the pokey for deceptive practice (I think that was the charge- it was murky). His ex-wife, Susan Sarandon, got to keep the gorgeous NYC apartment, and she has moved on with a stellar career in real estate. His daughter, the dead pan Jenna Fischer, tries to have a non-co-dependent relationship with her father while trying to balance her marriage with her father's needs. Douglas plays the role with a level of mindless creepiness that keeps the audience at arm's length. Everyone is believable. Douglas and Fischer are perfectly cast. Anyone could have done the Sarandon role. I liked this film. It isn't a big movie, but it is a very interesting one.