Friday, February 20, 2009

Coraline (3D)

Alex summed this experience up in two words - spectacular and enthralling. And he is right. He can't understand why people who see it aren't raving about it. It is a wonderfully detailed stop motion picture with such brilliant color and 3 D effects that paying attention to storyline becomes secondary. The story is sort of overdone- Coraline feels ignored and bored by her parents and finds an alternate second set of parents through a door in the house. Never mind that part. It is sufficient to know that small children will have the beejeebers scared out of them and any kid under 9 or so might be scared by the imagery. Any movie that involves symbolic eye removal and bizarre burlesque scenes is not one kids might recover from if they scare easily. This is enjoyed much more by adults- especially if they are chemically altered. But even without that, it is a trip. It is a visual stunner, and it costs more to see it in 3D and is very much worth it. If you see it in the regular theater without the funny glasses, it might not be so great. So do yourself a favor and catch it before the 3D is gone.